Codes for FREE Stuff!!!

Enter these codes in the virtual Build-A-Bear Workshop by clicking on Champ, or click “Enter Your Code” at the home site. Just copy and paste them; it will automatically take out the dashes.

*Note: Please tell me in my “About the Site” page if a code suddenly expires.

**Note: Look carefully at the poster codes! I have some extra ones other sites DON’T have! 🙂

Purple Diva Outfit Codes (Might work):

2009 Monthly Huggable Heroes Codes:

Poster Codes:


Snow Globes:


Back-to-School Codes:

Holiday Codes:

BearBill Codes:

Misc. Codes: Registered & Protected



  1. carebear235 said,

    hi.i tried your codes. they are all expired. I was wondering I you had any new ones. thanks!

  2. janenice12 said,

    I have a lot of codes but how do i get it on the site?

    • Well it says it prominently at the top of the page…
      1) Go to the virtual Build-A-Bear Workshop.
      2) Click on Champ.
      3) Click on “Web Codes.”
      4) Enter your code.
      5) Click “OK.”
      6) You get your prize!

  3. Thankx for askin’ bout my religion 😉
    I like it!

  4. Hi, I know your online rite now but sadly I gtg 😦

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