November 27, 2010

Helpful Links

Posted in Jr. CyBearGuides, Maxine Clark, Melissa's Official BABV Forum at 1:31 PM by MelissaMusicBear8

This is a sticky post with helpful BABV links! Scroll down for the latest Build-A-Bear updates!

All information was compiled by me, MelissaMusicBear8. You must credit me and link to this blog if you wish to include a post on your site.



  1. abbeyadventurebear said,


  2. Thanks 🙂

  3. =)
    NOW, How do you put the “Send This to Twitter” thing on the bottom of YOUR posts? 😀

    • Go to your Dasboard >> Settings >> Sharing. Then drag all the icons you want to enable to “Enabled Services.” And you can choose what pages/posts you want to be able to let the “Share” buttons be on. 🙂

  4. Hey!! =)
    You asked me how the “About Taylor Swift Fan” thing came right, To tell you the truth… I have absolutely NO idea :/ I guess it comes with the theme probally?

  5. zoeyzero87(zoeyninzjaznish) said,

    COOL BLOG! =]

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