BABV 2nd Anniversary

Year 2 Anniversary quest if you click on Bearemy: Help distribute invitations to well-known BABV friends!

  1. Pawlette Coufur in the Furbulous Fashion District
  2. Brown Sugar Puppy in the Skate Park
  3. Ted the Tailor in the Pawlette Coufur boutique
  4. Pawsome Panda IN the Sportsplex
  5. Cheetah in the Libeary

When you’re done with the quest, you can go to the pawty at MaxineClark CEB’s Cub Condo and pawty!

When you’re done, MaxineClark, Chief Executive Bear, will give you an emoticon, which shows the love/hugs/peace signs and a two-layer cake with two candles in it with fireworks exploding around everything! But hurry! This quest ends on December 27, 2009!

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