Apply for a Job

In order to become a worker, you must have Open Chat, at least one virtual bear, a valid e-mail, and a valid WordPress account (though you do not need to have a blog).

To apply for a job, please click the link below and take the job interview. Please take time writing. Answer quality and grammar/spelling counts.


I am NOT accepting any more e-mail applications. Any I receive will be immediately deleted and not considered.


Payment Plans

Basic Plans

Additional Requirements and Extra Posting Options

Drawers are on commission. Advertisers must provide at least 10 links VIA E-MAIL to the pages they have advertised on by the end of the month. In order to be counted, a comment must be approved and visible. There will be a 50 Bear Bill bonus for every extra unrequired link (max. 10 extra links). For contributors/authors, there is a 100 Bear Bill bonus for each additional approved post (no fluff posts or “expansion posts,” max. additional posts: 6).



  1. I applied for a job!! Wondering if I made it 😀

  2. CamilleWaterfall19 said,

    Just applied!

  3. KarinaBallerina22 said,

    I signed up for contributor…
    did i make it?

  4. I applied to! :3 its an awesome site though!

  5. zoeyzero8777 said,

    I signed up =]

  6. Melissa, I just wanted to notify my workers, That they have to send in a picture of themselves on babv.So send me a picture of you on babv (from the photobooth) before May 1st. So you can be in my header, Thanks!
    P.S-Send it in a post on my blog.

    • zoeyzero87(zoeyninzjaznish) said,

      i would but when i try to post i cant put a pucture on =[

      • Excuse me? I don’t get why you replied to Maia’s post from half a year ago… Are you carrying on a conversation from somewhere or something?

  7. Cookiecool250 said,

    Uh, Melissa… did you get my ap yet? i remeber 100% that i sent it

    • Cookie, I have never received a job application via e-mail from you. Are you sure you sent it to the right e-mail address?

  8. clandbabv said,

    Hey melissa
    yeah I have a wordpress account I sent my name thing to u on the application anf when do I start??

  9. kerry4leafclover98 said,

    hey melissa
    i have sent a application to you
    please reply to me
    but don’t worry if you take a day or 2
    becaus ei know you have lots of things to do


  10. Melissa why can’t any of my posts have comments?

  11. flora678 said,

    okay thanks melissa 🙂

  12. flora678 said,

    uh, did i make it to be a drawer?!?! i have been looking in my e-mails for a month now, still never got any replay =(

  13. ok im gonna apply.

    • Okay. Make sure you have a WordPress account. I’ll be waiting for your application to arrive in my Inbox!

  14. CookieCool250 said,

    Uh, did i become a drawer? because i havent been able to look at my E-Mails…

  15. hayleyadorable387 said,

    I sent in my application.

  16. CookieCool250 said,

    😀 i just gave u ur e-mail for a job, to be a drawer.

  17. CookieCool250 said,

    oh nvm its okay

    • Okay? Well anyway, thanks for coming here! I hope you enjoy reading my two latest posts – check ’em out!

  18. CookieCool250 said,

    Okay i have a prob, what IS ur e mail?

    • Click on the words “e-mail me” at the top, and your browser will automatically create an e-mail to me. The answer is also prominent if you go to the Contact page.

  19. Why do you have no aplication form to be an author I am only a contributer
    I personaly am upset about that

    • I’m sorry BellaZebra331, I don’t allow Authors on my blog yet. You can be promoted to an Author if I like your posting style and I’ve known you for a long time. I used to now allow any kind of worker on my blog.

  20. xmusicgalx said,

    I advertised it on my blog 3 times but then I got grounded. Anyway I want to stay an advertiser because it’s easier.

  21. xMusicGalx said,

    Instead of a advertiser can i be an author? Oh and am I able to get the pass to the friends page?

    • Zoey, have you advertised my blog on any site yet? Because if you have, please e-mail or comment the links to the pages you’ve commented on. I’ll pay you 500 Bear Bills for the 8 required links, and 50 Bear Bills for each extra advertisement.

      The jobs available are: advertiser, drawer, and contributor. If you want to be a contributor, you must post at least 1 post that has to do with current Build-A-Bearville events every 3 days.

  22. hey do have to have a bear to be able to work here?

    • Read what the application says. You should find your answer there.

      I have the right to refuse to answer questions to which the answers to are already clearly posted!

  23. YYArtsy said,

    Oh, and I also have a small Scruffy Puppy. Not the ones you stuff, but the mini one.

  24. YYArtsy said,

    Hi Melissa… you emailed me about the art job? Well, I said yes and… well… For the furry friend thing, I share a BAB with my sister, and I have 2 welcome pass furry friends… I’m not sure if they count. Reply soon please?

  25. TSwain said,

    what a great site and informative posts, I will add a backlink and bookmark your site. Keep up the good work!

    • See although I know “TSwain” is a spammer, I’ve removed all the extra links, so it’s still encouraging!

  26. TSwain said,

    Hey very nice blog!!….I’m an instant fan, I have bookmarked you and I’ll be checking back on a regular….See ya

  27. ☼♥Ò®ea♥☼ THE MIDNIGHT WOLF! said,

    ur blog rocks ^_^ i wanna sign up but i cant 😥 poll not availible yeah i read the post tho sad!!

    • Thanks, Jorjeea! I’m sorting out the issue with PollDaddy as we speak, so hopefully my account will be up and running again soon!

  28. ZoeyYouRock126 said,

    i filled it out
    i was not allowe dto fill in
    or where i live

    • Sorry, you must fill out the complete form with valid answers to be eligible for a job here. The purpose of the e-mail is so I can contact you privately, instead of in a public comment. The purpose of the time zone is so I know what time it is in your area, so I know if it’s too early or too late for you to be up or something like that.

  29. StormyAdventurebear16 said,

    i signed up.

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