About My Contests

Every now and then, I will have a contest. Sometimes, you just have to post a comment saying your Build-A-Bearville username and that you want to enter the contest. One contest submission per BABV Username, e-mail, and IP address. So that means if you have two BABV accounts, two e-mail addresses, and two computers, lucky you. People who offer bribes will not be able to enter the contest*, and being my friend does not automatically mean you have a better chance of winning


Contests with Codes as the Prize

Please use a real e-mail address, because if (a) code(s) are the prize, I will send them that way. I know internet safety is a big priority these days and will therefore promise not to send junk mail to you or share your e-mail address with third parties (meaning, post it all over the Internet). Please read my strictly enforced Privacy Policy. If the code I send isn’t valid, e-mail me right away. However, if I check it and it works, you will be banned for the next two future contests.


Contests with Random Drawings

The winner(s) in these contests are chosen by chance and are randomly picked.

Artistic Contests

If the contest involves you submitting written work or drawings, you can e-mail me a message with an attachment or link, or post a link to a PhotoBucket or TinyPic page (or whatever else leads to the picture) in the Comment section. Please save your picture as a JPG file! Because this requires work, the prizes will be higher.


Decorating/Style Contests

Decorating/style contest (definition) – any contest that requires the decoration of the interior or exterior of a Cub Condo or other virtual home, or the creation of an outfit/item of clothing in the Bearywood Mall in the category assigned. The winning entry/entries will be selected solely on the creativity, originality, and theme (also design if it’s creating an article of Bearywood clothing) of the design.


*He/she will also be banned from the next two upcoming contests. Registered & Protected

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