Ask Melissa

Here, you can ask me anything, provided it be related to Build-A-Bear/Build-A-Dino. Just comment with your question, and I’ll post it here with the reply as soon as possible! Here are some topics to spark your interest:



  1. GummyGirl said,

    I don’t know if you still blog, but if you do, then can you tell what is happening now, please? Because a LOT of new stuff has happened!!!

  2. kerry4leafclover98/clandbabv said,

    hey melissa,
    i was wondering i was looking through
    the pages and i couldn’t find any new competitions
    i really want to enter one but
    i couldn’yt find any on here
    or on the forum.
    Do u know when the next new
    one is going to be out?


    • I’m working on creating a new contest. It will be on my forum, so check back every now and then on there. I do believe you have an account already?

  3. Melissa,
    Hey Melissa!! It’s me Melissarockstar101/Mary from I’m going to re-hire you! just give me your e-mail you are going to be administer with me. I’ll tell you when we will have a meeting together. Sound good to you?


    • Yup, it sounds good! I’ll let you know (by e-mail) when I can definitely get back to posting regularly.

  4. Hello Melissa, you don’t know me (I am a friend of CaitiSpring, BellaZebra331 and more), but I am a BIG fan of your blog.

    Now – I was browsing round the pages, and the last competition was in February. May I ask when the next one is?

    • Thanks so much VickySpring30! I always appreciate new readers!

      What a coincidence! I’m actually just preparing for the next contest! It’s going to be a month-long super-contest! I plan on releasing the details in a couple of days. However, in order to participate, you must sign up to my forum. That is the only place the contest will be held.

  5. Genevaemerald said,

    Thanks for the advice i’ll try it out. πŸ™‚

  6. Genevaemerald said,

    Melissa how do you get a picture in that little box on the right hand corner when you post?

    • You mean like the image square that appears next to your comments? That’s called a gravatar. To create one, go to the Gravatar site and sign up. You can upload a customized image from your computer, or link from an image on the Web. You can then assign an image to an e-mail address, so whenever you comment on any site where you need to put your e-mail in, your Gravatar will appear!

      Hope this helps, Geneva!

  7. hayleyadorable387 said,

    I am sorry Melissa, that I spelled you name wrong because I have a friend named Malyssa so I am used to spelling it like that, alrught thanks I will add you to my blog.

  8. hey Mellisa can you add my blog as recodmended blog I will reward you reatly because of all your viewers

  9. hayleyadorable387 said,

    Hi Malyssa! Thanks fur adding me as staff! I have a ? Do you wanna work on my blog to?

    • Sure Hayley! I’d love to! πŸ™‚ But you spelled my name wrong: it’s “Melissa.” :mrgreen:

  10. Kerry4leafclover98 said,

    Hey melissa
    I was wondering do u have to have a wordpress account to work here or not?


    thanks for your time

    • That answer is stated clearly on the “Apply for a Job” page. All requirements and regulations are listed there.

  11. Milissa how do you add the who’s been here link to you

    • Whaaa…? Could you expand on that idea and use more details? I don’t really get what you’re talking about.

  12. YYArtsy said,

    Hey. I was just wondering when did you join build-a-bearville. When the old one started, or the beta? And, how did you find out about it? I found out by comercial, lol.

    • I’ve been on Build-A-Bearville since 2007’s “Old BABV,” YY Artsy. I was browsing the online catalogue and adding stuff to “My Wishlist,” hoping my mother would buy me stuff :mrgreen: when I noticed the link and I created an account! I think I have a post about it; use my search bar to search for it. But use my search tips first! Try using “Old BABV” and it might come up.

  13. NickJanuary6 said,

    how do you get a tk shortlink? I want one!

    • LOL Nick. Go to this website and fill out the information, no registration or information required! I would suggest something like “” (because they probably wouldn’t have just “” anymore) or “” like “Beary Cool Bearville Cheats,” but it’s your decision.
      Thanks for coming to my blog! Do you like your widget? πŸ™‚

  14. CaitiSpring said,

    Have you ever won an author award? I think you have.

  15. […] On February 26th, the Cupcake Bear will arrive at public test stores for public testing! What is a test store? Ask here! […]

    • StormyAdventureBear16 said,

      What is a test store?

      • I’m glad you asked, Story! A test store is a Build-A-Bear Workshop store where products are released sometimes weeks or months before it is available to every store. If there is positive feedback from these stores, then the product will be available in every store; but if people aren’t so enthusiastic about the product, then it will not be globally launched. An example is the Blossom Bunny. You may have seen these in some people’s backpacks, but if you don’t live near a test store, you might not have known where they got this furry friend. Another example is the Zhu Zhu Pets, which were only available in 8 [US] East Coast stores. Because the public liked both of these items, they will now be released in early March. Some “reject” items were the Orca and the Alien. Not every store is a test store. If you do not live near a test store, you can find one by contacting your local BABW to find one in your area.
        Hope this helped!

  16. hollylolly12 said,

    I was wondering have you any babv accounts with bears on or and buildabear birth certificates pleasee πŸ˜€


    • Kerry4LeafClover98, I know it’s you. I told you before, it’s against the Rules to ask for free things from me. The Rules apply to every post and page on this blog.

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