Tips, Tricks, and Hidden Rooms

Secret Areas

Secret Coffee Shop: Inside the normal Coffee Shop, click on the orange cat painting in the “Gallery” in the upper left corner of your screen.

Bearville Outfitters Rooftop: In the Town Square, click on the half-hidden red trampoline next to Bearville Outfitters! This may take a couple of tries. Once you’re there, click on the fire pole at the right of your screen to go to the third floor of BVO. Note that once you go down the fire pole, you cannot go back up again. 😦

Treehouse: At the Entrance, click on the big hollow in the tree in the upper left corner of your screen, near the arrow to Friendship Forest Park.

Lighthouse: At Sunshine Shores Cave, click on the palm tree behind the lifeguard chair, next to the surf board.

Backstage: Go inside the Pawforming Arts Center, and click on any part of the leftmost balcony.

Melissa’s Tricks and Tips:

  1. If you don’t feel like waiting for your character to walk someplace on a paw print or an arrow to a different room, just click on the doorway and your character will instantly appear there!
  2. Play the Furtastic Fountain game in the Town Square every day to win pawsome prizes!
  3. Also, if you click on the merchandise in any of the stores, it immediately brings you up to the buying page!
  4. On days with endless Furtastic Fountain plays: If you are low on $Bear Bills$, then play the game lots of times and sell all of the stuff you don’t want, or have way too many extras of. If you don’t want Bear Bills or already have enough, then play it to have fun with the game and keep the prizes for yourself. Stock them away in your Attic (if you have one), and when it’s around summertime or fall, add them into your inventory again. They’ll be worth more in trading value then.
  5. Go inside the Sportsplex and click on Pawsome Panda. Every box you check will give you 10 BearBills, so if you check all of the boxes, you will receive 100 BearBills!

    Check all of the boxes for 100 BearBills every day! Registered & Protected

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