Here are the rules for commenting/using this site:

  1. Do not swear or even use symbols in place of letters (Ex. h*ll).
  2. Do not post links to any other site except if it is related to Build-A-Bearville.
  3. Do not just post something like “Hey.” or “I am [BABV name here] on BABV. If you see me add me.” These are annoying, pointless comments. 😦
  4. Do not bully, threaten, or call other people or other people names.
  5. It is forbidden to ask/give out personal information (You know: phone number, address, personal e-mail address, etc.) here, as it is everywhere.
  6. As a follow-up to number 5: Do not cyberstalk anyone.
  7. Do not use sexual terms or ask anybody if they want to date you.
  8. Do not start fights.
  9. Do not use racist or sexist language.
  10. Don’t claim to be able to give people “tons of credits” or BearBills. Don’t scam anyone.
  11. It would be appreciated if you just talked about BABV, not current events or celebrities, etc.
  12. Do not ask me for free things.
  13. Have patience. Sometimes, things online can sound different than if they were said in real life. (For example, sarcasm.)
  14. “Manipulators” will be punished. Manipulators are people who are snide, snarky, stubborn, etc. They word their sentences so they don’t sound like they are mean, but they are really criticizing and not in a very nice way.
  15. Don’t ignore me when I reply to your comment.  If you repeat something, or write something that is already in that page’s rules that I specifically said NOT to say (Ex. GenevaEmerald asked for receipt codes on my “Need BVO Stuff But Don’t Have the Credits?” page, when it says NOT to ask for receipt codes, so her comments are deleted and she is warned.) It would also be appreciated if you talked in English and made at least some effort to use grammar rules and try to spell things correctly…

As you can see, these are pretty general-knowledge, so just don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your parents/teachers/friends to know that you said, or really say in real life.  I will promptly delete any comments that breaks any of these rules without question, or edit it to what I think makes sense. If you are looking for a certain item in the Trading Teddies Post page, just press F3 on your keyboard to search for something. Even though some of you are older, please remember that there will be little kids (ages 5-8) on here and will be traumatized to read inappropriate things, and I will not stand to be the blame.

Levels of Rule-Breaking Consequences:

  1. You will be given a warning.
  2. Your comment is mean/rude/stalker/inappropriate/not what I asked, and you will be told so and the offensive comment will be deleted.
  3. You will be given a week-long ban.
  4. You will be given a month-long ban.
  5. You will be permanently banned.

Because I cannot control web traffic here, I cannot ban anyone. I can only prevent them from commenting. People who are “banned” are banned from commenting. Registered & Protected


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