Hello Kitty 35th Anniversary Colors

Click on Hello Kitty for a new quest!

Click "Yes" to start the the quest!

Click "OK" to start searching for the bows!

Right now, you can go to the Furbulous Fashion District, click on Hello Kitty in front of the Theater, and start a pawsome new quest! Hello Kitty has lost her hairbows and needs you to find them!

  1. At the Pawforming Arts Center, there is a yellow bow on the bench!
  2. On Sandy Bear Island, on the Boardwalk, there is a lavender bow near the snowman cookie jar, under the light.

In Pawlette Coufur’s Boutique, there is a green bow on the aqua-colored seating.


At the Marketplace, there is a pink bow next to the Lumbear Yard entrance.


  1. In the Town Square, there is a red bow in the far upper right corner, underneath the “Log Off” button.

The prize is a “Rainbow Move”!

When you finish the quest, Hello Kitty awards you with a Rainbow Move!

The Rainbow Move is pawsome!

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