Trading Teddies Post

This is where YOU can add a comment about what you have to trade on Build-A-Bearville. Please do not offer code items or items you can buy in Bearville Outfitters or Pawlette Coufur’s Boutique. The top list of items I need, not neccessarily in order:

Also, I already have these but would like more if you have any extras:

I can trade anything from Bearville Outfitters and BearBills for these items. Multiple trades will be accepted if needed. Also, ask me if I have something you need because chances are, I do!

Please refer to the rules page so you won’t have to be banned.



  1. Jadelyn2hip32 said,

    I will trade a kitty mask for a pirate belt or sabor tooth tiger shoes

  2. Jadelyn2Hip32 said,

    I have a kitty skirt. It is very rare and very few people have it. I really want bunny glasses bbl saber tooth tiger shoes or a scout sash. If you want a picture of the skirt ill email you. My

  3. tjadventurebear445 said,

    im not sure what i have i will let u know when i get something ok ! 🙂

  4. DaciaDude said,

    I have Halloween Kitty outfit set, Purple Guitar, Triceratops Mask, Kitty Mask, rainbow hairband, Teddy Bear Cake

    I also have mrs santa outfit, elf outfit (the one that looks like the one sold in BABW) and the angel halo. (Someone stole my angel dress:((((( ) and 4 ice cream costumes. I also have the rainbow pink bunny ears which are super rare

  5. Moony said,

    i think i have a poster of maxine or the recycle bear

  6. Does anyone have a kitty mask? I have a peace sign purse, dragon hat, duck floaty, swirled tiara, heart earings, aquarium braclet, Maori headband, bear glasses, ad a birthday cake party hat. Any one up for trade??

  7. KayleighRose8 said,

    I have baskets of green apples and I can give you two for the rainbow wall painting if that is ok.

  8. KayleighRose8 said,

    Hey I am new too this site. Please can you guys call me Kay. Thanks. What I wanted to say was I have a few items for trade. Here is the list of them; Paradise Flower Tank that is a zoo item, Tribal Tiki Shirt from The Traveling Sales Market, Tiki Costume Skirt also from The Traveling Sale Market, Tropical Luau Dress and this is from The Traveling Sales Market, Alexandrite Bracelet idk where I got it from, Velvet Puppy Hat, Donut Boxes, Light Up Wreath, tent you can not go in this one, Sea Serpent Sculpture, Lollipop, and Disco Balls. I will trade this stuff for reasonable items. I will not accept money.


  9. DaisyFestive12 said,

    Ok I have some bunny ears im not sure if they are Blossom Bunny but if you would like them i would like no items for trade i just really want a furry friend if you could email the code to me (if u have one,that it) at
    A unused welcome pass would do fine.

    • That’s not a fair trade, Daisy! Welcome Passes have been out of stock since 2008, so it certainly wouldn’t be fair if I gave you the code to one of mine. Also, if I got a furry friend I would want to adopt it onto my account! Blossom Bunny ears have flowers on them, and are labeled “Blossom Bunny Ears” in your inventory. Check to see if they indeed are blossom bunny ears, and we’ll take the trade from there. Please do not attempt to scam me or anyone else again. If you thought it was a fair trade, I’m sorry, but please think your trades more deeply next time.

  10. kerry4leafclover98 said,

    hey melissa
    i have a Triceratops Mask for trade
    but in return
    i kinda want to have the rockin’ outfit from bvo
    or do i have to pick whatever you have ??
    please reply ASAP

    xx Love
    xx Hugs
    xx Peace

    • Hi Kerry! I would certainly make that deal! Would you mind if the color of the top was blue? (The default color is pink and another color.)

      • kerry4leafclover98 said,

        hey melissa
        I don’t really mindd what the colour is
        it doesn’t really matter i just want it

        Should i send it to you now or later

        xx Love
        xx Hugs
        xx Peace

      • You can send it as soon as you read this! 😉

  11. janenice12 said,

    i have the kitty mask, the dinasour mask(yes, it is spelled wrong), the ltal tee, the rolled up paper, and A LOT of stuff from chloe and others.

    • Okay… what do you want for the LTAL Tee, the Dinosaur mask, and the Rolled-up Newspaper? Also, can you list the ChloeRocks stuff you have? Thx! :mrgreen:

  12. Traci said,

    am i just a virus?? 😦

  13. flora678 said,

    i have a rainbow wall painting, and i would be very glad to give it to you, but in return, would just need a baskest of green apples

    • evesnowflake3 said,

      I might have it hope I’m helping

  14. Flora ♥ or Bellaadorable said,

    I have a tuxedo. what would you offer?

  15. Traci said,

    ok that wasn’t fair i just REALLY love those tiny tees i don’t really like the week end dress anymore. 😦 you haven’t answered me yet????

  16. Traci said,

    ok how about you give me all the tiny tees and the weekend dress,and i give you the papper hat and 500 bearbills???? please? 😦

    • Traci, I don’t have Tiny Tees, I want Tiny Tees. Also, I asked you what the “papper hat” was, because that’s not even a word (unless you mean “paper hat,” but IDK what that is either). I probably saw it a few times but don’t know the actual name for them.

  17. Traci said,

    ok this is what i have got that are rare or popular:

    * Buggle (gutair/piano)

    * papper hat

    * gem tank

    * disco pants (just pants sorry) 😦

    * peace bear bag

    and that is it really and i would like the tiny tees (they rock!) and the weekend dress for any of these and 500 bearbills. Come on i know i am not those high and might build-a-bear people who have loads of clothes and loads of money and loads of rare stuff. But it is a pretty fair inventory 😦

    • What is a “papper hat?” That’s not even a word. I already have the Buggle… don’t really like Disco Pants, and I’m not a big fan of the Peace Bear Bag…

      Sorry, I don’t really like anything you have to offer. Just maybe the “papper hat,” when I learn what it is.

  18. flora678 said,

    oooh oooh OOOHHHH :ooo i is able to get it soon! wooo! =) *ice cream ballon ride* i might get it woo =) if i ever get another one ill be SURE to give it to you melissa =D

  19. flora678 said,

    darn it, i had a spare, i was gonna give it to you, aw man… 😦

  20. YYArtsy said,

    Hey, I really want the Chococat Tote. Anyone have it?

  21. oh thanks

  22. CookieCool250 said,

    I have a rabbit painting for you, but it is rare

    • Thanks for the offer CookieCool250, but I already have several Rabbit Paintings. They’re not as rare as you would think they were.

  23. Melissa is a messenger bag weaved and brown and do you wear it over your shoulder?

    • If you’re talking about a BABV item, that you have, look in your inventory and scroll over the item with your mouse. The label should tell you what the item is. The only messenger bags in BABV I’ve ever seen were blue and black. If you’re talking about in real life, then messenger bags come in all kinds of styles and colours.

  24. CaitiSpring said,

    I don’t really want bear bills because I get 5,000 a month because I am a VIB. I would prefer items..

  25. CaitiSpring said,

    I have holly moose bow for trade..

  26. Hey how does the mesanger bag look like?

  27. ☼♥Ò®ea♥☼ THE MIDNIGHT WOLF! said,

    cause if u do ill change the credit thing from bear bills to trading =D

    • Jorjeea, what do you want for the Kitty Mask? ‘Cuz I really want that!

      • ☼♥Ò®ea♥☼ THE MIDNIGHT WOLF! said,

        😆 hehe umm might’ve traded it? eheheeh (blush)

  28. yes i do.

  29. I have a messenger bag

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