Melissa’s BABV Shop

Welcome to Melissa’s BABV Shop!


Besides buying items for Bear Bills, you can now sell to the shop! Our expert curators will examine and research the item you wish to sell and determine its sale value – we will buy anything you don’t need except plant products, and fountain items (excluding collection pieces). Please do not sell us stuff we have already in the store.

We are in need of:


Full Sets




Coming soon, cheap must-have furniture!


Light-Up Wreaths are now for sale! Want something perfect for decorating your Cub Condo (or other home) that is tasteful yet inexpensive? Well, look no further! These holiday wreaths are pretty and multi-colored. And they’re on sale!

Deals are highlighted in red.


To Order:

  1. Simply comment with your BABV username, and the name(s) of the item(s) you want to buy, the quantity of each, and total.
  2. I will reply to your comment to tell you when your items will be ready.
  3. When they are, I will send you a temporary friend request.
  4. Accept the request.
  5. Send the money to me.
  6. I will promptly send you your items!

Example Order:


Snowman Bag x2

Cost: 200 BB

Light-Up Wreaths x5

Cost: 100 BB

Total Cost: 300 BB



  1. Rylee said,

    My name is CareyAdorable574 and i want
    a doctors mirror 25bb
    amytest braclet 50bb
    further boots 100bb
    Doctors bag 50bb
    Total cost;675
    Thank You!

  2. kerry4leafclover98/clandbabv said,

    hey melissa
    you haven’t replied to if i can have the items i want in my last comment??
    is it a yes or no cause i am putting money in the bank and want to know how much to keep out x ❤

  3. icicle3000 said,

    Hi its me Abbe again it says you are my friend, and I didn’t get another friend request because you’re my friend. Remember my name is abbe2hip25477.

    thanks for answering my reply ASAP,

  4. icicle3000 said,

    User: Abbe2hip25477
    i heard the internet safety agent full is bought but is it still available
    cost: 250 BB
    And the heart guitar:
    cost: 500 BB
    Fuzzy Hat:
    cost: 75 BB
    Total: 825 BB

    *if the internet safety agent full and heart guitar r already bought thats okay just send me the Fuzzy Hat

    and btw when r u putting more items i have 6,000 something :D…

    • Hello Abbe! I have the Heart Guitar and Fuzzy Hat ready for you. I’m sorry, but we have run out of Internet Safety Agent sets. Your total cost will be 575 BB. Please accept the temporary friend request I have sent you, so you may send me the money and I may send you your items.

      • icicle3000 said,

        I accepted it. But I could only send 100 BB at a time so I have to send you 5 messages with 100 BB in each of them and the extra 75 I will have to send 3 more messages with 25 BB.I hope you will be ok with me sending you 8 messages but it will have the money.

        • icicle3000 said,

          I can’t send 25 BB in a mail but how do I send you 75 BB?

          • For some reason, you’re not my friend anymore! Mind accepting the request again?

          • You can send me a message with 50, and two more messages with 10. Thank you for shopping at Melissa’s BABV Shop!

            • icicle3000 said,

              Okay i sent the 3 messages,
              and i accepted the friend request!
              That was weird that you were not my friend anymore cause i didn’t even do anything. Oh well at least you’re my friend now!

            • icicle3000 said,

              Um when am I gonna get the items not like I’m trying to be inpatient because i really need to know when!

            • So sorry, I haven’t been on in a long time! For some reason you’re not my friend AGAIN! Maybe it’s a glitch? How about you send ME the request, and then I’ll immediately send you the items. I have no idea why it’s unfriending us, but as you can see this has happened before… maybe a glitch or something? 😦

  5. kerry4leafclover98/clandbabv said,

    hi melissa
    i was wondering will you ever get any tiara/crowns?
    heart guitar 500bb
    moon boots 50bb
    total: 550bb

    thanks your a great friend!
    and your my friend already aren’t i?

  6. codyfurbulous3 said,

    sorry if i got the prices wrong on my last comment lol but either way i can easily afford it and thanks again 😀

    • I keep sending friend requests and you keep accepting, but every time I then try to send the stuff to you, it says you’re not my friend! Do you know why?

  7. codyfurbulous3 said,

    I would like the following items please:
    1. heart guitar 500
    2. doctor’s mirror 25
    3. doctor’s bag 50
    4. rose tote 200
    5. tool box 50
    6. fuzzy hat 75

    please and thank you 🙂

    • Okay Cody, I have sent you a friend request! Just accept it, send me the Bear Bills, and you will have your items quickly!

    • If you accept my friend request, I will I send you the Doctor’s Bag, the Tool Box, and the Fuzzy Hat. However, I will also return 50 BB (keep the change!) because I seem to have lost my stock of Doctor’s Mirrors. If you send me the rest of the money (700 BB), you can get your guitar and tote.

  8. zoeyzero8777 said,

    Babv username : zoeyzero87
    is it possible i could buy the internet safety agent full which will cost 250bb and the green monster set which is 100bb for each i think .
    TOtal cost = 350 bb

    • Okay Zoey, I have sent you a friend request! Just accept it, send me the Bear Bills, and you will have your items quickly!

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