Bubbles Quest

Bubbles of all shapes and sizes have been floating around Build-A-Bearville! Will you help GreenTracks’s wizard friend stop the bubbles?

Important Note: This quest is a bit harder than the others because the item you are looking for is invisible unless you walk close to it. Then it becomes more opaque.

  1. First you will “listen” as GreenTracks tells how the wizard found a glowing rock inside a cave, and accidentally dropped it into a puddle. It started bubbling and before he knew it, bubbles were everywhere! You will help mix up a potion with different ingredients so the wizard can stop the bubbles!
  2. Bubble Quest briefing

  3. The first place you will need to go is “Waterfall.” The eagle feather will be located at the base of a tree; use the picture below to help you. As noted previously, the feather will become more opaque if you walk closer to it.
  4. The second place you should go is the Sunshine Shores Cave. Wade in the water and the coconut will appear!
  5. The coconut at the Sunshine Shores Cove.

  6. The third and last place an item is hidden is the Friendship Forest Park. The item appears to be a weird stick thing with a witch hat or something.
  7. A weird witch-like thing is the last ingredient.

  8. Watch as the green potion you stir turns into a cloud that rains green water into the fountain and makes the bubbles disappear!
  9. We are told that a surprise awaits us when we log in next time – so of course you want to log out, and log back in again. :o)
  10. Mixing the potion!

    The green cloud's rain turns the fountain water a weird shade of green, but it clears back up once the quest is over.

  11. The surprise is… wait for it… a second part of the quest! But don’t worry, it’s easy. Just click on the red dot with the magic wand and you will complete a neutralizing spell to make sure the bubbles never come back again.
  12. Part 2 briefing

  13. The final prize:
  14. The ultimate prize is a Magical Wizard Hat!

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  1. kerry4leafclover98/clandbabv said,

    hey guess what!
    my 2011 collection of clothing was in bearville times! i was sooooo excited 😛

  2. You’re welcome to all the people who were helped out by this tricky little quest! 😀

  3. person said,


  4. great post! thank you for the help. 🙂

  5. liss said,

    great thanks your ace add me in buildabeaarville my buildabear name is ruby4leafclover1377

  6. Fariah said,

    thanks for the help! your totally awesome!!

  7. IndiaBanana22 said,

    Thnx 4 the help!!! 😀

  8. kerry4leafclover98/clandbabv said,

    thans for the tip 😉 really had trouble to find a few 😛

    • Glad I could help! Yes, finding these items was definitely a bit trickier than finding other quest parts!

  9. […] up to you to gather ingredients to help GreenTracks’s wizard friend stop them! Click here* to see a full walkthrough for this […]

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