November 11, 2011

Hello, Good-Bye

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Hello everyone! Happy 11/11/11! 🙂

The reason I haven’t been blogging is that I have regrettably lost interest in Build-A-Bearville. I’m sad, because I remember how much I loved playing and posting about the goings-on. I must say though, it’s pretty interesting how everyone else stopped blogging in Spring 2010 as well. I guess everyone just moved on as I have.

—> I do not believe that I will continue this blog anymore, but since it’s too pretty and memorable, I will not delete it.

—> I am not hiring, but thank you to anyone who wanted to work with me, I am honored. 🙂

Signing off for the last time,


January 8, 2011

Green Bearville

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The snow has melted, the North Pole is gone, and Bearville is green again!

November 5, 2010

Diwali Lamp

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Click on Bearemy to receive a free Diwali lamp in honor of the holiday.

August 16, 2010

School House Rug

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If you visit the Bear University, you will receive the School House Rug, pictured below.

School House Rug

May 12, 2010

Sorry Everyone!

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To everyone who’s been wondering where I was, well, I’m here! I apologize for not posting and checking in on my blog and forum. Truth be told, I’ve been very “sick,” and just haven’t had the feeling to check in on Build-A-Bearville or anything (that’s how you know I’m sick!). I’m trying to make attempts to post more, so please don’t go anywhere! 🙂

May 3, 2010

Pawlette’s New Outfit

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Pawlette has a new style? Yep looks like it now the big Q is if its permanent or just for a season? well any way she says she gives out a free gift but I didn’t get one. Oh no does this mean that she is playing a trick on us? or was it a glitch?

March 11, 2010

Graduation Picture

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Go to Bear University than click on:

Then it looks like this:


February 12, 2010


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Are you a devoted MelissaMusicBear8 BABV Blog reader, but hate typing in that really long URL ( Phew, my hands are tired! LOL)? Well, now you don’t have to! I have just registered a new domain name for MelissaMusicBear8’s BABV Blog! The new address is:! Just type that into the address bar, hit enter, and bam! You’re here! But because TK is a separate company, the blavatar (blog icon) of me riding a dolphin (Yes, that’s what it is!) won’t be there; it’ll be the TK logo. And don’t worry, if you miss the little me on a dolphin, just type in the old URL, and that will still work!

If you're a Safari user, make sure you bookmark my blog (click the plus sign, circled in red).

January 19, 2010

Build-A-Bearville Down for Maintenance

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Oh no! Build-A-Bearville is temporarily closed! It’s horrible! Who knows when it’ll reopen? Hopefully soon! Maybe when it reopens, it’ll be a better Bearville (no glitches)!

BABV is temporarily closed; the dens are down for maintenance.


January 10, 2010

I’ve Noticed…

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I’ve noticed that someone searched for “Disco Ball Tree Code” in my search bar. The Disco Ball tree is not a code that you enter, it’s a prize from AbbieBright’s Traveling Caravan. If you want one, I have an extra, so post a comment in my Trading Teddies post.

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