January 25, 2011

2010 Huggable Heroes Interview on the Chloe Show

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ChloeRocks interviews all 11 2010 Huggable Heroes in the Recycling Center.

Get a blue star Huggable Heroes emoticon for watching. Note that this is different than last year’s.


April 18, 2010

New Chloe Show

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New Chloe Show about the new medievel theme and quest:

*Bye Chloe!*

You get the Enchanted Move:

March 17, 2010

New Stuff Happening in April

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  • If you’re signed up for Build-A-Bear Workshop Newsletters, then in the latest one you’ll find a free code for a virtual Bunny Hop move and 1 Bearville Outfitters credit! In your Moves, it’s called the “Hippity Hop.”
  • The Enchanted Dragon and Enchanted Pony are set to become available to all customers on April 5th. The PSI for these two are really cool: The Enchanted Dragon comes with green wings; and the Enchanted Pony comes with a virtual pony that your character can actually RIDE ON!
  • Also starting on April 5th and continuing until April 29th, there will be a special adventure-quest in which Build-A-Bearville citizens need to help free the friendly dragon (that resembles a virtual Enchanted Dragon); a special ‘The Chloe Show’ in which Chloe goes on-location to the Enchanted Castle; with any purchase in April, you will be able to get DOUBLE Bearville Outfitters credits from your receipt code; go into any BABW and you will get a FREE CROWN (no purchase necessary), along with a code for a crown for your virtual character’s head too! Exciting, isn’t it?
  • When you go into a BABW now, you can make the Blossom Bunny and Cheerful Cheeks Chick, and maybe an iCarly Bear/Glitter Teddy or a Beary O’ Lucky Teddy if your store has some in stock.
  • When you make a purchase now, any amount of money you spend entitles you to free candy, but remember: you have to spend $20 or more to get that free Easter Basket! Also when you make a purchase, you will get a “Beary Newsworthy” newsletter, with a coupon for not $5, SIX ($6) dollars off any purchase of $10 or more! Who doesn’t like coupons and free stuff? No one! ūüėČ

Happy St. Patrick's Day 2010!

February 27, 2010

March Exclusive Updates

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Hi all MelissaMusicBear8 post readers! Here’s some exciting upcoming news about Build-A-Bear(ville and Workshop!), which you can just about only get from me! Wow! There’s a lot of stuff happening this month, especially on the 1st!

  • On March 1st, all V.I.B.s will get a free emoticon! Also, all V.I.B.s will earn double Bear Bills for every mini-game they play!
  • Also on March 1st,¬†you will¬†receive a¬†birthday T-shirt commemorating Maxine Clark, CEB (Chief Executive Bear)’s bearthday month, so check your Bear Mail for that and a coupon for the Blossom Bunny!
  • The new Furtastic Fountain (located in the Town Square) prizes will be flower-themed. Perfect for your new Blossom Bunny’s room!
  • ChloeRocks’ outfit is getting kind of old and plain, don’t you agree? Apparently BABW thinks so too, because on March 5th, you’ll be able to help change that! Everyone* will be able to vote for her new outfit!
  • Also getting a makeover is the home page picture and design you see when you log in. (But unfortunately, we won’t be able to vote on that.)
  • Another noteworthy thing¬†happening¬†on March 5th has to do with¬†the Store Fur All Seasons: It¬†will open with new St. Patrick’s Day goodies and d√©cor. The store will be open until April 5th (a little too late after St. Patrick’s Day, if you ask me), so make sure you stock up on all your St. Patty’s Day stuff!
  • ¬†In honor of Maxine Clark’s true bearthday, March 6th will be one of the rare days you can play the Furtastic Fountain an unlimited number of times! There will also be a virtual cupcake giveaway.
  • On March 8th, Maxine Clark will be interviewed on The Chloe Show!
  • On St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th), visit Bearemy (click on him) for a free St. Patrick’s Day move!
  • Starting March 18th, Jr. CyBearyGuides are invited to vote on new party room styles in the Jr. CyBear Guide Headquarters. If you frequent Bearville often and have a bear, why not take the Jr. CyBear Guide test in the Classroom?
  • March 22nd is the Easter Hunt, when you will get a chocolate bunny to eat when finishing the Hunt.

I hope you all enjoyed my updates! :mrgreen: If you did, please tell everyone you know about this site, and leave¬†be sure to leave a comment! Also, in case you didn’t know, if you flip to the beary last page in the newest Bearville Times (page 18, which is full of Luck O’ the Bearish rules), you will receive a cool mail tote with newspapers! Cool new stuff, huh? Love, hugs, and of course peace,
Click here!

 *Everyone РProbably everyone, right?

January 16, 2010

Chloe Show Interview with Katie Stagliano

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¬†ChloeRocks’ newest Chloe Show features Katie Stagliano, who’s helped feed over 300 people with just 1 (one) cabbage plant! For this, she is one of Build-A-Bear Workshop’s 2009 Huggable Heroes! When you’re done watching the interview, you will receive a Huggable Heroes emoticon. Who knows, maybe you’ll do something great in 2010 and be chosen as a Huggable Hero by BABW and you’ll be on the Chloe Show! Dream big and help make a difference in the world! Click on the pictures below to enlarge them.
Katie planted a cabbage seedling she received from the Bonnie Plant third grade cabbage program.

Katie's cabbage plant helped feed 300 people!

The search for BABW's 2010 Huggable Hero is on! Maybe it'll be you!

Just for watching, you'll receive a Huggable Heroes emoticon!

This is what the Huggable Heroes emoticon looks like.

January 14, 2010

New Bearville Times

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There’s a new Bearville Times today, chock full of information about upcoming events on Build-A-Bearville! Here are the articles:

  • From January 16-18, visit your local Build-A-Bear Workshop store and get two tees, one for you and one for you bestie (best friend)! Also, in that same time period, when you make 2 furry friends, you can get 20% off your entire purchase total!
  • The new Chloe Show guest is revealed: Katie Stagliano, who is a Huggable Hero honoree! Katie has grown vegetables in her garden and fed the hungry with them! Pawsome, Katie!
  • There’s a new Paws Fur Nature magazine on January 15th, and the topic is tigers! If you don’t have a Paws Fur Nature table, go to the¬†Libeary and click on the blinking book on the shelf.
  • Americans: Make sure you get your iCarly bear at your local BABW store! Canadians and U.K.’ites: Make sure you get your Glitter bear at your local BABW store!

January 6, 2010

New Bearville Times

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There’s another new Bearville Times! There are only two articles worth noting, and here they are along with a synopsis about them:

  • There’s going to be a new Chloe Show, with a “truly pawsome guest” next week!
  • On Jaunary 15th (Friday of next week), the new iCarly bear is hosting a Camera Quest with a reward¬†for completion, of course! Be sure to check out the locations of the cameras, coming soon on my Quests page!

December 12, 2009

Alvin the Chipmunk Interview on the Chloe Show

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From December 11-27, 2009,¬†watch the Chloe Show in the BNN (Bear News Network) featuring Alvin from Alvin and the Chipmunks, and receive a free move just for watching! It’s called the “Alvin Dance”!

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