February 2, 2011

Groundhog Surprise!

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Today was Groundhog Day – did Phil see his shadow? Find out: Watch the cute clip at the Path and get a free flag in honor of Groundhog Day.


Phil’s Tree Stump
Phil Clip
Phil doesn’t see his shadow – early spring!!!
Get your free Groundhog Day flag!!!

In other news, the second Small Fry collection will be coming out the 15th, and there are many hearts, new clothes and furniture, and pink and red decorations as Build-A-Bearville prepares itself for Valentine’s Day!


February 2, 2010

Groundhog Day

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Happy Groundhog Day! Well, I guess not so happy. The groundhog saw his shadow! Hurry up and see this event virtually by logging onto Build-A-Bearville and going to the Path. Click on the flashing tree stump up in the corner of your screen, and watch as the timid groundhog comes out of his hole and sees his shadow! You’ll get a shadow move for watching. Oh well. Guess this means 6 more weeks of winter! ūüė¶ *Sighs.*

Click on the tree stump to watch a mini video clip of the groundhog!

Watch the video of the groundhog.

January 31, 2010

New Bearville Times

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Pictures currently being added.


There’s a new Bearville Times, doing its job updating the citizens of Build-A-Bearville about the latest news! However, I¬†haven’t been doing my job and updating you about the latest Bearville news, and I apoligize for that. I have been beary busy the past week, and will still be for a couple more days. Well anyway, here’s an outline of the latest upcoming events:

  • There are so many pawsome new Valentine’s Day threads (clothing) in the Pawlette Coufur Boutique and Bearville Outfitters (BVO)! At BVO, you can buy the Prince Costume, Love Floral Outfit, Eagle Outfit, All-Star PJs, Puppy Love PJs, Love Bug Outfit, Heart Argyle Sweater, Satin Bubble Dress, Satin Heart Dress, Floral Tie Dress, Huggable Hoodie, Glitter BearyJane Shoes, Rose Bouqet, and Wrapped Gift, all for one credit each!¬†Many of these¬†beary sweet furshions are also available in bear size, so buy¬†a matching set for you and your¬†furry friend!¬†At the Pawlette Coufur Boutique, you can purchase the Ski Jump Uniform, Hockey Uniform, and Striped Snowboarding Outfit for 600 BearBills each. Available for 400 BearBills is the Rose Outfit and Ruffle Tiered Dress. Even more selection are these new styles: Tuxedo Tee (200 BB), Pony Shirt (150 BB), Thermal Heart Tee (200 BB), Bear Head Warm-Up Jacket (300 BB), Striped Fleece Top (350 BB), Heart Leggings (150 BB), Heart Rain Boots, and Heart Glasses (150 BB)!
  • There’s a new ride at BVO, in celebration of Valentine’s Day. It’s called the Valentine’s Day Balloon Ride, and it’s a bouqet of three heart-shaped balloons which your character can hold onto by a string and float around Build-A-Bearville on!
  • (Upcoming) When you go to Bear University, you can talk to the Be Mine Dalmation and receive the newest quest! If you need help, don’t furget you can go to my Quest help page!
  • From February 12th until the 25th, go to the BNN and watch the Chloe Show. ChloeRocks’ new guest is… Keke Palmer, famous from “Jump In” and now starring in her own TV show, True Jackson, VP.
  • On February 2nd (Groundhog Day), you can head over to the Friendship Forest and see if the groundhog sees its shadow, and get a free move for watching, too!
  • Attention V.I.B.s! Check your¬†BearMail on February 1st, because you will be sent an exclusive V.I.B. couch! And for everyone, there’s also a beary special offer (that expires February 13th) that you can redeem for real life stuff in your local BABW store (valid in the USA, Canada, or UK only)!

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