February 2, 2011

Groundhog Surprise!

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Today was Groundhog Day – did Phil see his shadow? Find out: Watch the cute clip at the Path and get a free flag in honor of Groundhog Day.


Phil’s Tree Stump
Phil Clip
Phil doesn’t see his shadow – early spring!!!
Get your free Groundhog Day flag!!!

In other news, the second Small Fry collection will be coming out the 15th, and there are many hearts, new clothes and furniture, and pink and red decorations as Build-A-Bearville prepares itself for Valentine’s Day!


December 24, 2010

New Things After Christmas

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In the newest Bearville Times, we learn more about the new Dog Park, located at the Cave. Get access to the Training Game when you buy a Darling Doggie! View the News in Pictures:

The Dog Park is coming Dec. 26, 2010.

You can visit the Zoo for a week at the end of December.

Receive the Newspaper Throwing Move for reading the entire Bearville Times.
Get your gift from Santa in your Bear Mail! It’s an interactive carousel.
A loading feature has changed to Bearemy walking across the islands and continents!

And that’s the news in pictures!


December 19, 2010

New Bearville Times News

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The new Bearville Times features articles about the new Paws Fur Nature (mountains), the Winter Giveaway December 21st (for the first day of winter in the Northern Hemisphere), the special wreath delivered to all Jr. CyBearGuides in their Bear Mail, the new Cody Simpson videos in the Theater, and the new Darling Doggies. Once you’ve read the full Bearville Times, you are given a pair of gloves.

Paws Fur Nature spoiler:

  • The top of a mountain is called a summit.
  • True, mountains are taller than hills.
  • Only one-tenth of the world’s population live on mountains.

Your "Mountains" Paws Fur Nature reward.

Receive a pair of gloves for reading the Bearville Times.
All Jr. CyBearGuides were given this blue wreath.
Watch Cody Simpson, iYiYi singer, in the Theater. Adopt a Darling Doggy.

December 13, 2010

North Pole Portal Discovered

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Go into Santa’s Workshop, and you will discover a strange door! It is actually a portal that will lead you to the Carnival, now called the Island of Misfit Toys. If you go through it, you will receive a Gingerbread Emoticon! If you ride the Ferris Wheel, it won’t give you a move or anything. There is also a weird bear-headed transporter cyborg thing there too! Pictures:

Portal Door 1, in Santa's Workshop.

Get this emoticon for going through the portal to the Island of Misfit Toys.

The portal door, explained by a misfit toy.

The winter Ferris Wheel.

The second weird bear cyborg thing!

December 12, 2010

Third Anniversary of Build-A-Bearville, Two Giveaways

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The third bearthday of Build-A-Bearville was celebrated with a gift of a 3 T-Shirt, shown below.

3 T-Shirt

Click on Bearemy to receive a special “Countdown to Christmas” gift. Also, visit Pawlette to get the Violin Move in honor of Violin Day.

Two giveaways on Dec. 13, 2010.

December 6, 2010

What’s New in December 2010

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Happy Hanukkah!

With the preparation for winter and Christmas, and after the scheduled den maintenance, many things have been going on!

For starters, den maintenance has left Build-A-Bearville better than ever. Read the Bearville Times article below to see the new things.


You will now see this every time you move, open, or close something.

Usernames look like this now, upgraded from that plain black text.

Yet another version of the loading mini-game, this time with snowflakes.

Get the Tambourine Move for visiting the Pawforming Arts Center.


Jam with the Speaker Starz at the Pawforming Arts Center!

The arrival of the Speaker Starz bears is December 10, 2010.

New "Snow Globe" room for your Ski Lodge home away from home.

And that’s part 2 of this month’s events in pictures!

Speaker Starz Bears

Comfuzzled as to who/what Speaker Starz are? Well, they’re a new set of bears BABW is coming out with (not a collaboration of something that already exists) – and they have speakers in their paws! That’s right, plug in your music player and your bear can act as a speaker! Fun right? :mrgreen:

Your roving reporter,

November 28, 2010

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Tiny Clips

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Today I bought a Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Collection tiny clip! You may have heard: there’s a special sale – buy two, get one free! Anyway, each comes with a code for Build-A-Bearville! The code allows you to pick one of four virtual character shirts, shown below.


With the purchase of a tiny clip, you may pick one of these virtual shirts.

November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

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Happy Thanksgiving, America!

Today, many exciting things have happened in Build-A-Bearville, and at Build-A-Bear Workshops! Read on to find out what special events happened – but get ready for a long (but informative!) post!

In correlation to Thanksgiving:

  1. In celebearation for Thanksgiving, you have received a coupon for a 5 Bearville Outfitters credit card in your BearMail! To redeem your card, simply print out the coupon and bring it into a Build-A-Bear store! Attached to this message was a piece of Pumpkin Pie.
  2. The Thanksgiving 2010 gifts, sent by Bear Mail, consist of a coupon and a food move, pumpkin pie.

  3. You can also click on Bearemy, who will give you a Thanksgiving Dinner Table, worth, legitimately, 50 Bear Bills, but surely, in retrospect, much more because it is a rare holiday item.


Click on Bearemy to receive this special gift!

In correlation to the winter holidays:

  1. Something you should have immediately noticed upon logging on was the changing of the loading mini-game icons. Instead of bubbles or even snowflakes like last year, they are now stockings with little bears inside them!
  2. Build-A-Bearville is decorated with Christmas lights, wreaths, ribbon, garland, and SNOW!!!

    Bearville is decorated for the season with a light dusting of powdered sugar-looking snow.

  3. The passing of Thanksgiving means the North Pole has arrived! It is pretty much the same as last year, with the Snowball Challenge (now a normal mini-game instead of a once-a-day thing) upon arrival, the North Pole Town Square, Flight Training Center, and more.
  4. The same as last year...

  5. New Mini-Game: Bumble’s Toothache Bumble has a toothache, and needs your help brushing his teeth! Click on a bottom tooth to brush (it will… retract… when clicked), but watch his eyes when you do so – if you avoid clicking on his “bad tooth,” you’ll win a whopping 50 Bear Bills! And, the first time you play you will get a Bumble Emoticon!
  6. "Bumble's Toothache" is a new mini-game where you help Bumble the Abominable Snowman!


    The emoticon (circled) is of Bumble placing a star on top of a Christmas tree. 🙂

  7. Also new is a… machine thing in the Ice Skating Rink. Below is a picture. So far, it hasn’t been identified, but to me it looks like a bear-headed transporter cyborg machine thing!
  8. WHAT IS IT?!

That’s really it! Anything else you need to know? Ah yes:

In correlation to real-life BABW stuff:

  1. Apparently there was a code giveaway on Halloween for a virtual bear head-shaped pumpkin emoticon. Fortunately, the code still works: ZZ7K-9P9F-269R.
  2. Holly & Hal Moose (notice they’re not “Hal & Holly” anymore – Build-A-Bear is going feminist! ha ha ;)) are on sale for only $5 each, plus only a measly $5 more for their accessories and clothes! What a great gift opportunity! (Hint, hint parents!)
  3. Get the Build-A-Bear iPhone App: it comes with a new move – talking on a cell phone!

So, how did you stomach that giant post? Hope you’re hungry for more, ’cause that’s what’s comin’! << So cheesy, but funny and true anyway. :mrgreen:

Your loyal poster forever (or until I decide to quit),

November 18, 2010

Christmas Coming to BABV Soon!

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Get prepared – on Thanksgiving Day (US), the North Pole is coming to Build-A-Bearville! To those of you newbies, or those of you who forgot, to go to the North Pole, you have to go to the Train Station. The North Pole is a seasonal place you can visit with about 4 or 5 rooms and a couple of games. You can print out things, talk to characters, and pet reindeer in Santa’s Stables. Holly & Hal Moose are also back at the Theater!

Click on the Popcorn Machine…
… to get your popcorn move…
… so you can eat your popcorn while watching Theater clips!

November 11, 2010

Rudolph and Clarice on the Chloe Show

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ChloeRocks’s new guests from Nov. 3-16 are Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and his special friend, Clarice! Their interview is about their lives and their products at Build-A-Bear Workshop! Once you finish watching the interview, you will get a fun reindeer emoticon!

The reindeer get on their chairs backwards!

Reporting for you,

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