December 26, 2010

Two Free Gifts

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Go to the Zoo and get a prize, a Christmas Lights Bear, shown below.

Go to the new Darling Doggies Park! It has replaced the Cave. Get this free Darling Doggy Hat just for visiting!

Also, click around for hidden surprises – if you click on a certain area and it reveals to be the home of an animal, you can get 10 Bear Bills for each location! (Spoiler coming soon!)

I have also discovered a SECRET BONUS! Click on this tree to climb up it and get a free apple and 10 more BB! See your arm extend out and pluck the apple.


Click on this tree…
… to get this apple!


December 19, 2010

New Bearville Times News

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The new Bearville Times features articles about the new Paws Fur Nature (mountains), the Winter Giveaway December 21st (for the first day of winter in the Northern Hemisphere), the special wreath delivered to all Jr. CyBearGuides in their Bear Mail, the new Cody Simpson videos in the Theater, and the new Darling Doggies. Once you’ve read the full Bearville Times, you are given a pair of gloves.

Paws Fur Nature spoiler:

  • The top of a mountain is called a summit.
  • True, mountains are taller than hills.
  • Only one-tenth of the world’s population live on mountains.

Your "Mountains" Paws Fur Nature reward.

Receive a pair of gloves for reading the Bearville Times.
All Jr. CyBearGuides were given this blue wreath.
Watch Cody Simpson, iYiYi singer, in the Theater. Adopt a Darling Doggy.

December 12, 2010

Third Anniversary of Build-A-Bearville, Two Giveaways

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The third bearthday of Build-A-Bearville was celebrated with a gift of a 3 T-Shirt, shown below.

3 T-Shirt

Click on Bearemy to receive a special “Countdown to Christmas” gift. Also, visit Pawlette to get the Violin Move in honor of Violin Day.

Two giveaways on Dec. 13, 2010.

November 28, 2010

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Tiny Clips

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Today I bought a Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer Collection tiny clip! You may have heard: there’s a special sale – buy two, get one free! Anyway, each comes with a code for Build-A-Bearville! The code allows you to pick one of four virtual character shirts, shown below.


With the purchase of a tiny clip, you may pick one of these virtual shirts.

November 22, 2010

Where’d She Get That???

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Who’s that girl, with those stylish new clothes? :mrgreen: New clothes have arrived at Bearville Outfitters, and two are themed for winter (one has fur and the other is a Hanukkah shirt)! Justice continues to sponsor BABW, and feature their virtual clothes online!

Click to see larger.

The new BVO clothes are pretty much all for girls.

Your roving reporter ace,

November 10, 2010

New Pawlette Coufur Clothes

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There are new clothing items and shoes that anyone with Bear Bills can purchase at Pawlette Coufur’s Fashion Boutique. The new items are pictured below.

The new shirts and sweaters.

The new shoe styles.

Because it is now pretty much winter in the Northern Hemisphere, boots, jackets, and sweaters with snowflake and snowman patterns are coming out. These usually look best in blue tones.

May 10, 2010

Lots of New Stuff

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I am so sorry I did not post my computor went haywire so here is a lot of stuff:

You can now open chat when you bearmail, but if the person you are sending a message to can choose to  have safe chat to:


New Furniture at Bear Stuff Store:


If you read the new Bearville Times you get the Magazine Move:

The lighthouse is on the map now:

There is also a new room:

If you click on the lighouse on the map not on the work but the picture of the lighthouse than you get to the watchhouse:


There is a new Chloe Show, she is interviewing a teacher and you get a 2+2+4 emoticon:


New Clothes at Bearville Outfitters



I looked at the bottom of Bearville Outfitters and saw this:


New Clothes at Pawlette Cofour`s:


Check out the new Sportsplex:


New Game Called Bowling!:


New Game: Boats and Buoys:


Gradution Ceremony and Graduation Day theme at Bear University:


If you are a V.I.B. than you get this new free shirt in Bearmail, Sorry I have no picture.


I think that is pretty much it, I am so sorry that all my posts are on one post I usually post seprate and organzied but I did not want to post like 20 times so there are all the posts. Thanks


P.S. Sorry for the people I work for if I posted anything that was already posted. I just needed it for my blog and I posted 1 big post and I could not check.

March 1, 2010

St. Patrick’s Day Stuff

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There’s new clothes at the Pawlette Boutique and BVO (Bearville Outfitters)! Check it out! Also, the Store Fur All Seasons is now open, with new St. Patrick’s Day stock!

February 27, 2010

March Exclusive Updates

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Hi all MelissaMusicBear8 post readers! Here’s some exciting upcoming news about Build-A-Bear(ville and Workshop!), which you can just about only get from me! Wow! There’s a lot of stuff happening this month, especially on the 1st!

  • On March 1st, all V.I.B.s will get a free emoticon! Also, all V.I.B.s will earn double Bear Bills for every mini-game they play!
  • Also on March 1st, you will receive a birthday T-shirt commemorating Maxine Clark, CEB (Chief Executive Bear)’s bearthday month, so check your Bear Mail for that and a coupon for the Blossom Bunny!
  • The new Furtastic Fountain (located in the Town Square) prizes will be flower-themed. Perfect for your new Blossom Bunny’s room!
  • ChloeRocks’ outfit is getting kind of old and plain, don’t you agree? Apparently BABW thinks so too, because on March 5th, you’ll be able to help change that! Everyone* will be able to vote for her new outfit!
  • Also getting a makeover is the home page picture and design you see when you log in. (But unfortunately, we won’t be able to vote on that.)
  • Another noteworthy thing happening on March 5th has to do with the Store Fur All Seasons: It will open with new St. Patrick’s Day goodies and décor. The store will be open until April 5th (a little too late after St. Patrick’s Day, if you ask me), so make sure you stock up on all your St. Patty’s Day stuff!
  •  In honor of Maxine Clark’s true bearthday, March 6th will be one of the rare days you can play the Furtastic Fountain an unlimited number of times! There will also be a virtual cupcake giveaway.
  • On March 8th, Maxine Clark will be interviewed on The Chloe Show!
  • On St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th), visit Bearemy (click on him) for a free St. Patrick’s Day move!
  • Starting March 18th, Jr. CyBearyGuides are invited to vote on new party room styles in the Jr. CyBear Guide Headquarters. If you frequent Bearville often and have a bear, why not take the Jr. CyBear Guide test in the Classroom?
  • March 22nd is the Easter Hunt, when you will get a chocolate bunny to eat when finishing the Hunt.

I hope you all enjoyed my updates! :mrgreen: If you did, please tell everyone you know about this site, and leave be sure to leave a comment! Also, in case you didn’t know, if you flip to the beary last page in the newest Bearville Times (page 18, which is full of Luck O’ the Bearish rules), you will receive a cool mail tote with newspapers! Cool new stuff, huh? Love, hugs, and of course peace,
Click here!

 *Everyone – Probably everyone, right?

February 1, 2010

Valentine’s Day, BABV Style

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Build-A-Bearville is pretty in pink and red, decorated for Valentine’s Day! Also, the Store Fur All Seasons is open, and besides purchasing Valentine’s furniture, you can also purchase Valentine’s accessories for your character! How pawsome! Here’s a complete list of what’s for sale now at the Store Fur All Seasons:

  • Rose Tote
  • Heart Guitar
  • Roses Bed
  • Iron Heart Chair
  • Heart Table
  • Heart Swirl Sculpture
  • Heart Bed
  • Rose Bouquet
  • Cozy Heart Couch
  • Heart Rocking Chair
  • Tiered Heart Table
  • Modern Heart Chair
  • Roses Rug
  • Heart Rug
  • Valentine’s Day Banner
  • Valentine’s Day Wall Art
  • Heart Mosaic Poster
  • Cupid Painting
  • Valentine’s Wreath
  • Happy Valentine’s Banner
  • Heart Clock

From February 12th-14th, you can attend the Valentine’s Dance in the Gym. You can also now send Valentine’s Day postcards (these are like the Christmas Postcards).

In the LumBear Yard, you can buy a new heart flooring pattern, and a beary sweet new Heart Shaped Room. Perfect for hosting your beary own Valentine’s Day party!


Well, that’s all fur now!

P.S. Here’s a picture of me with my friend, the world-renowned JulianeBubbles! Notice how we’re wearing matching purple! :mrgreen:

This is me, with my friend the world-renowned JulianeBubbles!

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