November 27, 2010

Who are special guests?

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Special guests are characters who are not regular characters. You cannot add them as friends, or trade with them, but they will talk. Their picture icons will show up next to a den name if you log on when they are on. If you click on that den and are in the exact same room as they are in, they will give you a monthly prize.

MaxineClarkCEB: This is Maxine Clark in bear form.
MiguelSunshine: MiguelSunshine wears a black long-sleeved shirt with a green tie, jeans, and glasses.
GreenTracks: Usually, you can find GreenTracks hanging out in front of the Pawsitively Green Recycling Center. But sometimes, you can find him handing out prizes! He’s a cute little gray animal with a leaf-like green tail.
ChloeRocks: ChloeRocks is a universal Build-A-Bearville character (you might know her from the Chloe Show in the BNN ((Bear News Network)), BearMail messages, or the login screen) but sometimes she wanders around giving out gifts too! She wears her orange hair in a ponytail. She doesn’t carry around Bearemy when she’s in this form.


Helpful Links

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This is a sticky post with helpful BABV links! Scroll down for the latest Build-A-Bear updates!

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April 30, 2010

Zoo Animals Coming to BABW

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Hey there people! Some of you may or may not believe it, but zoo animals are coming to all Build-A-Bear Workshop stores! You can get your own zoo animal May 28th through June 30th. The PSI (Pet Specific Item) is a zoo ride, which comes specifically custom to every stuffed animal. There will also be exclusive access to the Bearville Zoo when you purchase one of the new animals. Does this mean that everyone else will get access after that? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see! Also, from June 4th-13th, if you spend $20 USD or more you in that time period, will get a free bag that comes with a code to use on Build-A-Bearville, everyone who goes there will have a chance to enter a contest to win a zoo-rrific trip to Orlando, Florida, USA! The prize is a 5 day, 4 night stay in Orlando with tickets to theme parks AND all seven zoo-rrific animals!!! The zoo animals that are coming out are: panda, flamingo, tiger, parrot, giraffe, monkey, and the cheetah.

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February 28, 2010

MelissaMusicBear8’s Official BABV Forum

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I’ve been busy editing and posting on my new FORUM!!! My forum is a pawsome site where you all you do is create an account, and you then you can have an all-access pass to immediate hot-off-the-presses information, possibly even faster than on this blog! You will also have access to a CHATBOX, be able to POST, have your own Avvy and Siggy Shop, get pawsome points for posting, and so much more fun stuff! I already have two membears, but the next three people who create an account will automatically become CONTRIBUTORS on this blog, or receive 1,000 Bear Bills! They will also become certified V.I.B.s [on my blog, not a real subscription for Build-A-Bearville] and receive their BEARY OWN THREAD, which they can maintain and post on! I will also possibly hire Moderators and maybe even Admins, so please come! The forum was 100% my idea (I didn’t copy it from any other WordPress person), so please don’t copy my idea and create your own Build-A-Bear forum. Just click here to go to the forum! This is one of the few posts where you can comment, so please let me know what you think of this idea!

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