November 27, 2010

Who is Maxine Clark?

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Maxine Clark is the CEB of Build-A-Bear Workshop – Chief Executive Bear! She is the founder of BABW, and that means BABV too! She is responsible for what you play on, all the Build-A-Bear blogs and forums, and the joy of kids of all ages when they make bears! Ms. Clark has a WordPress blog too, Musings from Maxine Clark, Chief Executive Bear.

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Who are special guests?

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Special guests are characters who are not regular characters. You cannot add them as friends, or trade with them, but they will talk. Their picture icons will show up next to a den name if you log on when they are on. If you click on that den and are in the exact same room as they are in, they will give you a monthly prize.

MaxineClarkCEB: This is Maxine Clark in bear form.
MiguelSunshine: MiguelSunshine wears a black long-sleeved shirt with a green tie, jeans, and glasses.
GreenTracks: Usually, you can find GreenTracks hanging out in front of the Pawsitively Green Recycling Center. But sometimes, you can find him handing out prizes! He’s a cute little gray animal with a leaf-like green tail.
ChloeRocks: ChloeRocks is a universal Build-A-Bearville character (you might know her from the Chloe Show in the BNN ((Bear News Network)), BearMail messages, or the login screen) but sometimes she wanders around giving out gifts too! She wears her orange hair in a ponytail. She doesn’t carry around Bearemy when she’s in this form.

Helpful Links

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This is a sticky post with helpful BABV links! Scroll down for the latest Build-A-Bear updates!

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February 27, 2010

March Exclusive Updates

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Hi all MelissaMusicBear8 post readers! Here’s some exciting upcoming news about Build-A-Bear(ville and Workshop!), which you can just about only get from me! Wow! There’s a lot of stuff happening this month, especially on the 1st!

  • On March 1st, all V.I.B.s will get a free emoticon! Also, all V.I.B.s will earn double Bear Bills for every mini-game they play!
  • Also on March 1st, you will receive a birthday T-shirt commemorating Maxine Clark, CEB (Chief Executive Bear)’s bearthday month, so check your Bear Mail for that and a coupon for the Blossom Bunny!
  • The new Furtastic Fountain (located in the Town Square) prizes will be flower-themed. Perfect for your new Blossom Bunny’s room!
  • ChloeRocks’ outfit is getting kind of old and plain, don’t you agree? Apparently BABW thinks so too, because on March 5th, you’ll be able to help change that! Everyone* will be able to vote for her new outfit!
  • Also getting a makeover is the home page picture and design you see when you log in. (But unfortunately, we won’t be able to vote on that.)
  • Another noteworthy thing happening on March 5th has to do with the Store Fur All Seasons: It will open with new St. Patrick’s Day goodies and décor. The store will be open until April 5th (a little too late after St. Patrick’s Day, if you ask me), so make sure you stock up on all your St. Patty’s Day stuff!
  •  In honor of Maxine Clark’s true bearthday, March 6th will be one of the rare days you can play the Furtastic Fountain an unlimited number of times! There will also be a virtual cupcake giveaway.
  • On March 8th, Maxine Clark will be interviewed on The Chloe Show!
  • On St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th), visit Bearemy (click on him) for a free St. Patrick’s Day move!
  • Starting March 18th, Jr. CyBearyGuides are invited to vote on new party room styles in the Jr. CyBear Guide Headquarters. If you frequent Bearville often and have a bear, why not take the Jr. CyBear Guide test in the Classroom?
  • March 22nd is the Easter Hunt, when you will get a chocolate bunny to eat when finishing the Hunt.

I hope you all enjoyed my updates! :mrgreen: If you did, please tell everyone you know about this site, and leave be sure to leave a comment! Also, in case you didn’t know, if you flip to the beary last page in the newest Bearville Times (page 18, which is full of Luck O’ the Bearish rules), you will receive a cool mail tote with newspapers! Cool new stuff, huh? Love, hugs, and of course peace,
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 *Everyone – Probably everyone, right?

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