December 14, 2010

The Victoria Justice Chloe Show Interview 2

Posted in Moves at 1:52 AM by MelissaMusicBear8

Back by popular demand, Victoria Justice is on the Chloe Show again! Giving advice on fashion and telling us some personal Christmas stories, Victoria teamed up with Build-A-Bear Workshop and designed her very own shirt for bears!

Victoria Justice returning on the Chloe Show, giving fashion tips.
The move you get is called the Smile Move.



  1. Tech163 said,

    Hey MelissaMusicBear8,

    I am Tech163, and I also own a Build a Bearville Blog. I really liked your site, and I’m wondering if you are interested in exchanging links. You’ll simply add us to the “Links” section of your sidebar, and we’ll add you to the “Blogroll” section of our sidebar.

    Sounds good? Feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions.

    • Hello Tech163! About your link proposal, I normally don’t do stuff like that, but since you look like you have a promising young site, I think I’ll make an exception!

      Also, if you are interested in collaborating, I could add you to my blog as an author or something if you’ll do the same thing for me. 🙂

    • Tech163 said,

      Thank you for adding us, and we have added you to our blogroll. As you mentioned, our site is much younger than your site. While we only have around 5 posts, we are working on many “promising” additions to our site 😀

      Regarding collaboration – That’s definitely something we can work out, but would perhaps be a bit too public to do via comments. If you are interested in collaborating, perhaps you can email me and we can discuss?

    • Tech163 said,

      Just cleared blog cache. Check again now; you should be there.

      • Okay thanks. Just one request, could you make the title “MelissaMusicBear8’s BABV Blog?” Thanks.

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