December 6, 2010

What’s New in December 2010

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Happy Hanukkah!

With the preparation for winter and Christmas, and after the scheduled den maintenance, many things have been going on!

For starters, den maintenance has left Build-A-Bearville better than ever. Read the Bearville Times article below to see the new things.


You will now see this every time you move, open, or close something.

Usernames look like this now, upgraded from that plain black text.

Yet another version of the loading mini-game, this time with snowflakes.

Get the Tambourine Move for visiting the Pawforming Arts Center.


Jam with the Speaker Starz at the Pawforming Arts Center!

The arrival of the Speaker Starz bears is December 10, 2010.

New "Snow Globe" room for your Ski Lodge home away from home.

And that’s part 2 of this month’s events in pictures!

Speaker Starz Bears

Comfuzzled as to who/what Speaker Starz are? Well, they’re a new set of bears BABW is coming out with (not a collaboration of something that already exists) – and they have speakers in their paws! That’s right, plug in your music player and your bear can act as a speaker! Fun right? :mrgreen:

Your roving reporter,


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