November 27, 2010

Who are CyBearGuides?

Posted in Jr. CyBearGuides at 6:17 PM by MelissaMusicBear8

CyBearGuides are real-life employees of Build-A-Bear Workshop. They patrol Build-A-Bearville and may interact with you with moves and emoticons, but they will never talk. Sometimes they will ask you to play a mini-game. Most don’t own bears.

Picture will be posted in a little while.

Meanwhile, you can apply to be a Jr. CybearGuide if you’ve visited for 15+ days in a month. Apply outside the gymnasium.



  1. DaciaDude said,

    oh you mean cybearguide. I thought your meant the jr one which I am.

  2. DaciaDude said,

    Why most don’t own bears? I am a cybearguide and I own bears…

    • Hence the term “most.”

      You cannot prove that you are a real-life Cybearguide, so please do not go about saying you are any more.

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