November 16, 2010

Changes at the Blog

Posted in Contests, WordPress Blogs at 12:18 AM by MelissaMusicBear8

New Feature – Advertise Your Site

Gain more hits on your site instantly – advertise your site here FREE!! Just go to the page, comment you site, and wait for the rush of visitors. 😉

I will personally add each new site to the list under some main categories, depending on what your site focuses on. No spammers allowed!!

Pages being consolidated – Includes:

Past contests being deleted

Even though they were no longer in effect, I used like to keep old contest pages, just for the record. Recently however, they have become unnecessary additions. Because of this, I have now trashed all the old contests. If you wish to look at one, just ask. I’ll be happy to restore it for you temporarily!

Quests will stay the same

The title says it all – if the Quests were put in a consecutive order, that would be a super-long page!

Theme changes

After being stuck with the same theme for almost a year, I am going to pick a theme to use for about two weeks, before I change to a Christmas theme. Any suggestions?



  1. Well, for now I am only on Fantage sure do you want my account? I mean seriously you can have it 🙂
    What’s your e-mail I’ll tell you teh pass—
    BTW If I DO Ever play it again I’ll make a new account ( I don’t want this one… )
    So yeahh 😀

    • That would be great, actually! I know it’s like I didn’t want to badger you for your account if you didn’t want to give it away, but since you don’t mind it’s appreciated! My e-mail is: if that isn’t too much trouble, thanks a lot Tay!

  2. Yes I did TaylorSeptemBear46 But I don’t play BABV anymore… It takes FOREVER to load so yeah 😀

    • Would you ever go on it again? ‘Cause I happen to know someone who would want the account… 😉 lol It’s okay if you want to keep it lol.

  3. Hey! I felt pretty Guilty that you visit my blog and I don’t visit yours (because I don’t play BABV) so well, here I am! 😀 🙂

    • Aww, don’t feel guilty! LOL. Didn’t you have a Build-A-Bear account though? TaylorSeptembear?

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