October 24, 2010

Search Answers

Posted in Bearville Outfitters, Kooky Spooky Halloween, Shopping, Store Fur All Seasons at 6:37 PM by MelissaMusicBear8

When you search something in my Search box, I know what you’re searching. So I was reviewing these searches today and found some questions, and I thought I’d answer these simple questions below.

1) Where are the grandfather clock parts in the Haunted House trapdoor game?

The location of the different parts change. Most likely they are in the farthest reaches of the maze, one of the corners.

2) How can I get Halloween decorations for my Cub Condo?

You can buy the decorations in the Stuff Fur All Seasons store, next to the Bearywood Mall in the plaza with the Lumbear Yard.

3) Where can I get the Vampire Cloak?

The first time you visit the inside of the Kooky Spooky Haunted House, you are given a free Vampire Cloak, pictured below.

4) Where do you get the Prince Costume?

Last year, the Prince Costume was available at BVO. Unfortunately, it is not available again this year.


Answering your questions,



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