October 18, 2010

POLL: Date of Halloween Spectacular

Posted in Kooky Spooky Halloween, Parties (Hosted by Me) at 7:01 PM by MelissaMusicBear8

As you already know, I am hosting my own Halloween Spectacular… but I don’t know when yet. I figured, it would only be a great party if the most possible people could come, so I am leaving that decision up to you! Please vote on the below poll.

Although I have some myself, I want to hear your Kooky Spooky Halloween party ideas! Comment to your heart’s content. :mrgreen:



  1. A.R. Joyce said,

    Awwww …. my friends and I can’t come on October 30th. We have a high school test which ends at 12:30 PM EST!!! 😮

  2. A.R. Joyce said,

    Oooh! Sounds beary cool! I think that in the Kooky Spooky Halloween party, there should be food, a dance party, etc. I think that there should be distribution of free candy, you know, Halloween – candy. Also, there could be a costume contest. You should have different levels of activities and different people to help you. It depends on how many people come, though.
    OH, and don’t forget about the story-telling contest! A good, scary story always ends up great. 🙂
    Hope I helped!!

    • Yeah I was thinking about the candy thing… but I don’t have enough candy. I have about 3 account’s worth of that candy from last year’s Halloween quest, but I don’t think that’s substantial enough because I want to keep some, lol!

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