May 10, 2010

Lots of New Stuff

Posted in BearMail, Clothes, Furniture, Mini Games at 12:28 PM by Aprilallheart647

I am so sorry I did not post my computor went haywire so here is a lot of stuff:

You can now open chat when you bearmail, but if the person you are sending a message to can choose to  have safe chat to:


New Furniture at Bear Stuff Store:


If you read the new Bearville Times you get the Magazine Move:

The lighthouse is on the map now:

There is also a new room:

If you click on the lighouse on the map not on the work but the picture of the lighthouse than you get to the watchhouse:


There is a new Chloe Show, she is interviewing a teacher and you get a 2+2+4 emoticon:


New Clothes at Bearville Outfitters



I looked at the bottom of Bearville Outfitters and saw this:


New Clothes at Pawlette Cofour`s:


Check out the new Sportsplex:


New Game Called Bowling!:


New Game: Boats and Buoys:


Gradution Ceremony and Graduation Day theme at Bear University:


If you are a V.I.B. than you get this new free shirt in Bearmail, Sorry I have no picture.


I think that is pretty much it, I am so sorry that all my posts are on one post I usually post seprate and organzied but I did not want to post like 20 times so there are all the posts. Thanks


P.S. Sorry for the people I work for if I posted anything that was already posted. I just needed it for my blog and I posted 1 big post and I could not check.


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