April 30, 2010

Zoo Animals Coming to BABW

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Hey there people! Some of you may or may not believe it, but zoo animals are coming to all Build-A-Bear Workshop stores! You can get your own zoo animal May 28th through June 30th. The PSI (Pet Specific Item) is a zoo ride, which comes specifically custom to every stuffed animal. There will also be exclusive access to the Bearville Zoo when you purchase one of the new animals. Does this mean that everyone else will get access after that? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see! Also, from June 4th-13th, if you spend $20 USD or more you in that time period, will get a free bag that comes with a code to use on Build-A-Bearville, everyone who goes there will have a chance to enter a contest to win a zoo-rrific trip to Orlando, Florida, USA! The prize is a 5 day, 4 night stay in Orlando with tickets to theme parks AND all seven zoo-rrific animals!!! The zoo animals that are coming out are: panda, flamingo, tiger, parrot, giraffe, monkey, and the cheetah.

Information credit to ElijahBoysRock19 (user of MelissaMusicBear8’s Official BABV Forum).

Text edit by MelissaMusicBear8.

*Information may or not be true; based on user’s beliefs.

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