April 25, 2010

Some Recent Updates

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Hello all! Bearville’s becoming beary exciting, especially with the arrival of the Enchanted Dragon and Enchanted Pony quests and the  Hugsville and Friendship Valley Nintendo DS and Wii games. Here are just a few of the new things that have happened, in picture-caption format.

To celebrate her bearthday, Pawlette Courfur has sent everyone a slice of chocolate cake via Bear Mail!

If you visited Build-A-Bearville on Earth Day and clicked on Bearemy, you would've received this recycling bin!

Because the Red Knight team had the most people on their team finish the dragon quest, they received this message from Pony in their Bear Mail Inbox, with a Mini Catapult and Gold Dragon Chain attached. Congratulations, Red Team! Valiant effort, Blue Team! It was close!

Picture credit: BellaZebra331.

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