March 17, 2010

New Stuff Happening in April

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  • If you’re signed up for Build-A-Bear Workshop Newsletters, then in the latest one you’ll find a free code for a virtual Bunny Hop move and 1 Bearville Outfitters credit! In your Moves, it’s called the “Hippity Hop.”
  • The Enchanted Dragon and Enchanted Pony are set to become available to all customers on April 5th. The PSI for these two are really cool: The Enchanted Dragon comes with green wings; and the Enchanted Pony comes with a virtual pony that your character can actually RIDE ON!
  • Also starting on April 5th and continuing until April 29th, there will be a special adventure-quest in which Build-A-Bearville citizens need to help free the friendly dragon (that resembles a virtual Enchanted Dragon); a special ‘The Chloe Show’ in which Chloe goes on-location to the Enchanted Castle; with any purchase in April, you will be able to get DOUBLE Bearville Outfitters credits from your receipt code; go into any BABW and you will get a FREE CROWN (no purchase necessary), along with a code for a crown for your virtual character’s head too! Exciting, isn’t it?
  • When you go into a BABW now, you can make the Blossom Bunny and Cheerful Cheeks Chick, and maybe an iCarly Bear/Glitter Teddy or a Beary O’ Lucky Teddy if your store has some in stock.
  • When you make a purchase now, any amount of money you spend entitles you to free candy, but remember: you have to spend $20 or more to get that free Easter Basket! Also when you make a purchase, you will get a “Beary Newsworthy” newsletter, with a coupon for not $5, SIX ($6) dollars off any purchase of $10 or more! Who doesn’t like coupons and free stuff? No one! 😉

Happy St. Patrick's Day 2010!

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