February 18, 2010

Exclusive Sneak Peeks at Upcoming Events – Only From MelissaMusicBear8

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Hey everyone! Time for one of your favourite things – exclusive sneak peeks at upcoming BABW events, which you can only get from me, MelissaMusicBear8!

  • On February 26th, the Cupcake Bear will arrive at public test stores for public testing! What is a test store?Ask here!
  • Zhu Zhu pets have only been available in 8 [US] East Coast test stores, but now they’re coming to every store, the first week of March! When you buy one, they are supposed to come with a code for a virtual game and hamster cage for Build-A-Bearville!
  • On March 19th, Brittany Chippette will come to all Build-A-Bear Workshop to join Alvin!
  • At a date soon to be released, you will be able to make your own white Enchanted pony!
  • At the end of April, the Tropical Hello Kitty will be available to make!
  • At the end of June, the Ice Cream Bears will arrive in sets of 4, and then the next month, a totally new set of collectible bears will be launched! Below is a picture of what the first collection of Ice Cream Bears are going to look like*.

The first collection of Ice Cream bears will be available to everyone at the end of June.

  • It’s been talked about, rumored, and finally decided! Within the next few months, the Dragon will be coming to your local Build-A-Bear Workshop store!
  • As previously stated, on March 5th, both the Blossom Bunny (now available in all stores, not just test stores) and the Cheerful Cheeks Chick will be hitting the BABW shelves for you to make! The Cheerful Cheeks Chick’s PSI (Pet Specific Item) is supposed to be cute chick feet for your character, while the Blossom Bunny’s will be Blossom Bunny Ears and Blossom Bunny Glasses!

If you enjoyed being one of the first to be informed about this, please tell all of your friends about me and my site. My stats are going down, and I need your help to get them back up again. There will be more sneak peeks like these coming soon, so make sure you tell everyone! More information will always be coming your way! Also, be sure to check out my BABV store, now open for business! Love, Hugs, Peace,

*Probably; this has not yet been confirmed.

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