February 12, 2010


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Are you a devoted MelissaMusicBear8 BABV Blog reader, but hate typing in that really long URL (https://melissamusicbear8.wordpress.com. Phew, my hands are tired! LOL)? Well, now you don’t have to! I have just registered a new domain name for MelissaMusicBear8’s BABV Blog! The new address is: babv.tk! Just type that into the address bar, hit enter, and bam! You’re here! But because TK is a separate company, the blavatar (blog icon) of me riding a dolphin (Yes, that’s what it is!) won’t be there; it’ll be the TK logo. And don’t worry, if you miss the little me on a dolphin, just type in the old URL, and that will still work!

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