February 8, 2010

Read My Search Tips!!!

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Please read! I have become beary frustrated with stuff like this, and it’s a benefit to you if you read it! It’s really not that long!

I have created a “Search Tips” widget on my sidebar, but no one seems to be using it! For those of you who don’t know, you can check the past searches people have used my search bar for. But I’ve noticed that despite my widget, everyone’s still ignoring it! Here’s why I’m so mad: The past couple of searches have always included something with “buildabear” or “build a bearville” or “bearville.” I don’t usually use those terms when writing my posts and pages, and everything on my blog site is related to Build-A-Bear, so there’s no reason for adding those unnecessary words. When you use these, you aren’t ever going to come up with anything, even though there’s probably many articles about the topic you’re searching for! The fewer the words, the better search results are likely to come up! Example: Jody wants help with the iCarly bear quest. She searches “icarly purple camera 5 cameras buildabearville” in my search widget, and comes up with nothing. Personally, I don’t get why Jody would search for that anyway, because there’s already a page she should’ve looked through already! When searching for something, make sure you’re positive there are no pages for that. Just because I have considerable amount of pages doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read their titles, or just because I have many widgets doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read them over! But if Jody skipped over the page, then I would recommend searching “iCarly quest”. There, plain and simple! And Jody would come up with many post/page results! Also, please don’t search my name (MelissaMusicBear8)! All it will come up with are every single one of the posts I’ve ever written, and you can just look at the home page for this! These tips, and the ones on my widget are for your benefit. Reiterating: When you use a lot of words/unnecessary words, you aren’t ever going to come up with anything, even though there’s probably many articles about the topic you’re searching for! If you decide not to use my search tips, then I guess there’s nothing I can do, but be forewarned that it will be no help to you if you don’t.

Thanks for reading,

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