January 25, 2010

New Trading Option

Posted in Trading at 1:36 AM by MelissaMusicBear8

Don’t you hate it when you’re trading and something isn’t worth just that much BearBills or a little more than that amount of BearBills, but there’s no in-between? Well, now there is! You can now ask for or trade the new BB amounts of 25 BB, 250 BB, or 2,000 BB! Perfect for an item that isn’t worth a lot, or something you really want and are willing to pay a lot for! There’s also another thing I noticed: People can “trade” more BearBills than they have, and a message won’t pop up saying you don’t have enough. If you accept a trade like this, it will say it’s accepted to the person who is receiving the BearBills, but will say “[Username] has cancelled the trade.” to the person who is giving the BearBills they can’t afford. When the person who has the BearBills debt looks in their inventory, it will read as a negative number, even though the person they traded with didn’t get the BearBills that supposedly came out of the other person’s account. It’s confusing, because sometimes it looks like they have their original number of BearBills, and sometimes it looks like they owe a lot of BearBills.

There are new BearBills amounts when you trade!



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