January 23, 2010

Exclusive Upcoming Events

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Only from MelissaMusicBear8’s BABV Blog! Here are some exclusive sneak peaks at upcoming events in BABV/BABW!

  • On February 15th, the new bear in the St. Patrick’s Day series is supposed to come out! It’s rumored that it’s going to be like the ones Build-A-Bear Workshop has previously sold in the past couple of years, white with shamrocks all over it.
  • Also on February 15th, and continuing until March 4th, an instant win game w/a code is your chance for being the next millionaire on Build-A-Bearville!
  • On March 5th, both the Blossom Bunny (now available in all stores, not just test stores) and the Cheerful Cheeks Chick will be hitting the BABW shelves for you to make! The Cheerful Cheeks Chick’s PSI (Pet Specific Item) is supposed to be cute chick feet for your character!
  • Until March 19th, you can make Alvin the Chipmunk and Brittany Chippette for only $35 at your local BABW store!

It’s going to be an exciting second half of winter-early spring, isn’t it? Can’t wait! See, aren’t you glad you visit this blog? I bet you can’t find these updates anywhere else, just try to! See now, don’t you feel privileged to be among the beary first people to know this stuff? Well I hope you did, because that’s my goal! Please spread the word!

Love, Hugs, and Peace,

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