January 20, 2010

Lots of New Things in Bearville

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Wow! There’s so much new in Build-A-Bearville, and here’s where I’m going to tell you what else I’ve found so far:

  • The Store Fur All Seasons is going to open March 6th.

The Store Fur All Seasons opens March 6th.

  • You can now buy a bedroom for your Ski Lodge home for 3 credits at Bearville Outfitters.

Now you can buy a bedroom for your Ski Lodge for only 3 credits!

  • There are 6 new furniture items in BVO! There’s the Cupid Statue, Working Snowboard Game, and Working Ski Game for 2 credits each; there’s also the Cedar Lodge Bed, Cedar Lodge Chest, and Cedar Lodge Dresser, for 1 credit each.

There's so much new BVO stuff!

  • The Christmas clothing is gone from Bearville Outfitters until next year, but stuff like the Velvet dress, Sherpa coat, Bow Dress, etc. (non-holiday items) are still there.
  • There’s a new accessory for 1 credit in BVO: the Cub Condo Carrying Case! This is an item which is based on what you receive your furry friend in in real life when you’re finished making her/him. You hold it in your right hand, and cannot change its colors.

The Cub Condo Carrying Case is available in BVO for 1 credit each.

  • Besides not being able to trade, no one can whisper either! I’m not entirely positive about this because my friend whispered to me, but I’ve been having trouble whispering to anyone. They either “don’t have this type of chat,” or they’re offline. While I know the “don’t have this type of chat” thing is normal, it’s weird how it says they’re offline when the person is right next to me, talking away!
  • In the Pawlette Coufur Boutique, there’s a new outfit, called the “Dalmation Coat and Hat,” and you can buy it for 400 BearBills. It’s a perfect set that goes well with your new Be Mine Dalmation! 

You can get this set to math your new Be Mine Dalmation for 400 BearBills!

  • There are new wallpapers in the LumBear Yard, with ice skater and skier themes, for 200 BearBills each. To equip these, you must have a Cub Condo.

So there’s some updates! I believe I’m the first person to post this, too! Even Bubbly-Zebra Build a bearville Help hasn’t done an article on this yet! And that’s why you should make MelissaMusicBear8’s BABV Blog one of your top sites! :mrgreen: If you were happy I posted this, please spread the word about my blog. Thanks for all of your support!

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