January 16, 2010

Chloe Show Interview with Katie Stagliano

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 ChloeRocks’ newest Chloe Show features Katie Stagliano, who’s helped feed over 300 people with just 1 (one) cabbage plant! For this, she is one of Build-A-Bear Workshop’s 2009 Huggable Heroes! When you’re done watching the interview, you will receive a Huggable Heroes emoticon. Who knows, maybe you’ll do something great in 2010 and be chosen as a Huggable Hero by BABW and you’ll be on the Chloe Show! Dream big and help make a difference in the world! Click on the pictures below to enlarge them.
Katie planted a cabbage seedling she received from the Bonnie Plant third grade cabbage program.

Katie's cabbage plant helped feed 300 people!

The search for BABW's 2010 Huggable Hero is on! Maybe it'll be you!

Just for watching, you'll receive a Huggable Heroes emoticon!

This is what the Huggable Heroes emoticon looks like.

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