January 15, 2010

No Snow; iCarly Bear Quest

Posted in Quests at 9:06 PM by MelissaMusicBear8

The Snow Has Melted in Build-A-Bearville

I don’t know if it’s permanent or a glitch, but in BABV it’s springtime! The snow is gone everywhere, and the skating rink is now a pool again! In the Northern hemisphere, it’s a cold winter (Even Florida in the United States got snow!), and it doesn’t seem close to being spring. With no fluffy white stuff on the ground, it’s kind of hard to believe it was Christmas only three weeks ago!


iCarly Bear Quest

iCarly Bear is now in the neighborhood! Click on her, and she will give you a quest to find cameras! For more information, go to the iCarly Bear Camera Search Quests page.

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