January 10, 2010

2009 Musical Bunny-Bear Awards

Posted in Musical Bunny-Bear Awards at 7:00 PM by MelissaMusicBear8

These are my soon-to-be-annual Musical Bunny-Bear Awards! These are given to people who have exceptionally fine blogging design skills, post quality, great personality, and best all-around blogger/friend/person. They usually are presented at the end of each year, but may be given spontaneously if there’s something I really enjoy/like at that time.

  • IsabellaGemini50, who has won my MBB Award for Friendship. Though I just met her recently (In the past couple of months), she has been a great friend, from finding me stuff I needed, running a Balcony sale, and trying to find me on Webkinz World. She has won my MBB Award for Friendship.

Here’s a picture I made of ChloeRocks holding a Musical Bunny-Bear Award:


Winners have my written permission to use the following picture on their blogs:

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