January 3, 2010

Backstage Mystery Symbol

Posted in Glitches, Secret Areas at 6:01 PM by MelissaMusicBear8

I was looking around the Backstage Secret Area just to check it out when I noticed that there was odd letters leading into the right side of my BABV playing screen: what could it be?! The letters are black and they read “MIR”. When I played Backstage Search, the little border around the screen disappeared and revealed another letter: R, to make it “MIRR.” Could it be the word “mirror”? Why would it be that word though? Huh… The letters disappear when you play the Backstage Search game, but comes back when you’re done. Is it some kind of glitch? Most likely. But for now, I e-mailed VW Help to see if I could get an inside scoop or something, an automated message from them or something like that. It’s a mystery that remains to be solved!

I circled the mystery symbol in white so it would be easier to spot against the dark red wall.

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