December 26, 2009

IDK if You Know Yet…

Posted in Mini Games at 1:02 AM by MelissaMusicBear8

I’ve been boinging around BABV on my new Spring Shoes, looking for new things to report, and have discovered two new games that have apparently been recently added. In the Libeary, click on the Santa Hat on the globe in the middle of the round table with the books and you will be able to play “International Holiday Traditions Matching Game”, where you match pictures representing a certain country’s Christmas traditions. For instance, there’s a picture of a decorated tree and when you match two of them, a little paragraph tells you that the tradition of decorating evergreens for Christmas came from Germany.

The other game is in the “Recycling Center Inside” and originates from the Magical Seed quest. It’s called, “Magical Seed Game” and you can play it by clicking on the compost heap at the “back” of the building. You can only play this game once per day. Also, there are now white-outlined jagged star shapes on the floor of the “Recycling Center Inside”.

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