December 25, 2009

Wondering How to Get Bunny Glasses?

Posted in Bearville Outfitters at 12:18 PM by MelissaMusicBear8

Bunny glasses are one of the most coveted items in Build-A-Bearville. Because most of the bunny glasses you will see are worn by V.I.B. Members with rides and many bears, sporting a matching outfit of beary rare items, this is, to me is a “status symbol”. You will never see a newbie with a pair of bunny glasses, even if they have a furry friend. People who have bunny glasses will usually always wear them, and therefore they are nearly impossible to find in trades. Only once in my 2-3 years of Build-A-Bearville have I come across someone who was trading bunny glasses. I wasn’t fast enough to snatch her up in a trade because I was looking in her inventory (Yuppers, she had them!), so I didn’t get a chance to see what she would’ve picked out from me. When people are trading bunny glasses, they only do it for the rarest of items and 1,000 BearBills. So just where do bunny glasses come from? The Springtime Fun Bunny’s PSI (Pet Specific Item)! The Springtime Fun Bunny was introduced in February 2006 and has been retired. If anyone has a pair of bunny glasses for trade, please comment on the Trading Teddies Post so we can meet! If you want anything from Bearville Outfitters, I can trade up to 6 credits worth of stuff. Here are some pics:

When you adopt the Springtime Fun Bunny, you get tulip wallpaper for your Cub Condo and white bunny glasses.

This is how the Springtime Fun Bunny looks.

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