December 23, 2009

New Bearville Times

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There’s a new Bearville Times, packed with information about the online New Year’s celebration from December 26, 2009 until January 3, 2010. During this period of 9 days, the Carnival on Sandy Bear Island will be open! You can get a Sparkler Move, play games, see the times AROUND THE WORLD (handy if you have friends in different time zones), and watch the fireworks, so be sure to be there! There is also supposed to be new stuff at the LumBear Yard, but it seems it hasn’t arrived yet. In this edition of Bearville Times, Pawlette Coufur talks about new 2010 fashions for your real-life furry friends! There will be the Pink Sparkly Ice Skater Oufit, the Pink and Black Floral Dress, the Satin Heart Bubble Dress, and the Embroidered Love Outfit!

New outfits for your real-life furry friends!

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