December 17, 2009

New Bearville Times

Posted in Bearville Outfitters, Paws Fur Nature, Quests at 6:49 PM by MelissaMusicBear8

There’s a new Bearville Times, which talks about a 35th Anniversary Hello Kitty Colors coming into stores December 26th! There will also be a new Hello Kitty Bow quest starting on December 18th (Don’t forget, if you need quest help, come here!), and now you can get new Bearville Outfitters Hello Kitty items!  There’s also two new beds in the Bear Stuff store. This month’s Paws Fur Nature magazine is based on chipmunks (of course)! Here are the quiz answers:

  • Chipmunks are helpful to forests and trees: True.
  • Chipmunks usually live in what place? Under ground.
  • The name Chipmunk probably comes from a Native American Word meaning… Red squirrel.
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